About company

MBFUSA is a family owned and operated company that was founded in late 2004 in small warehouse in Portland, OR with the mission of becoming a quality leader in the then emerging mail and package forwarding industry.

Our website launched in the summer of 2005 and quickly our first customers began using our service. Our first customers helped us grow quickly by spreading the word about us. And before our first year, and helped by the word of mouth and marketing campaigns, MBFUSA achieved its goal of achieving a leadership position in the industry.

At MBFUSA we care about our customer's satisfaction. By our fifth year we moved into a much larger facility which ensures we have the space to continue to grow into the future without having to change our customer's addesses. We try very hard and have established systems and process to make sure that our customers packages are handled properly, carefully and efficiently. We like to say that while we are probably not the cheapestto forward your items, we are certainly the best in getting your items to you in the manner you expect.

After 10 years of serving customers like you, you know that we have the experience to deliver on our promises. We thank you for our success of the last 10 years. We also thank our staff, vendors and partners in making our goals a reality!

The future of MBFUSA continues the same way we started, our mission remains the same, and we are commited to bringing you closer to the USA!

Why Choose Us

All the problems international shoppers face while shopping at a USA based shopping sites can be eliminated with a USA-address inbox from MBFUSA.

Here at MBFUSA international shipping in high volume is what we do all day long. Our processing and shipping are highly optimized for shipping to any destination internationally and domestically. We do not limit ourselves and our customers to one or two types of shipping methods only; we provide our customers with numerous choices from multiple shipping carriers and it is up to the customer to select the right mix of speed, security and cost for each particular shipment. For example, we will not force you to ship a 0.25 lb $10 item using a $30 express shipping method, when all you need is a simple $5 inexpensive package sent through USPS mail. On the other hand, when you need it fast and safely the express methods are always available and you have a choice of the carrier that suits you best.

Enjoy parcels full of great deals delivered straight to your doorstep