How It Works

Have all your USA Mail, purchases, and packages sent to your own MBFUSA mailing address and then forwarded to you.

  • Have your mail or USA packages sent to your MBFUSA address.
  • MBFUSA receives your items from any courier.
  • MBFUSA photographs and logs your items.
  • Request shipments, scans or discard of items.
  • MBFUSA consolidates and repack your items for savings.
  • MBFUSA will send your shipment to you.

Have complete control of your Mail!

Once your items arrive we will notify you by email and photograph and register them in your MBFUSA online mailbox.

You can visit your online account and manage your mailbox , as well as to request shipment, scan or discard orders.

Enjoy parcels full of great deals delivered straight to your doorstep