Personal Shopper Service

Are you looking for an online personal shopper?

The MBFUSA personal shopper service offers a unique shopping experience which helps you save time and money. Once you sign up for a free account you will be assigned a personal shopper who can assist you with finding the best online deals, purchase products on your behalf and even arrange the purchases of more expensive items such as furniture, jewelry, electronic etc.

If a U.S. retailer does not accept your payment for whatever reason we will purchase the product on your behalf. Once you sign up for an MBFUSA account you will have the ability to notify us of what you would like to purchase. Once you provide us with the product link and details we will send you an invoice and purchase the product on your behalf.

Your personal shopper will also act as an account manager which means if you have any customer service questions such as tracking, insurance questions or return questions we will help. Also, if you have a need for customized logistics or supply chain solutions we can help. MBFUSA prides itself on top quality customer service and it is our goal to provide you with the best personal shopper experience.

Having an MBFUSA personal shopper has many benefits which in turn can help save you a substantial amount of money on your purchases. If you have any questions regarding our services please contact us today.

Enjoy parcels full of great deals delivered straight to your doorstep