Consolidation & Repacking

Some companies refuse to repack your items and perhaps worse, they refuse to consolidate multiple packages into a single shipment. Sadly the consumer suffers in this scenario over-paying for each individual shipment.

Re-packing an item is a simple way to reduce unnecessary girth and weight. Often packages shipped from Amazon are overfilled with excessive packing material like paper or air packs. These same packages when shipped internationally collect extra charges due to the size or volumetric dimensions. Since international shipping cost are calculated as the greater of either gross weight or volumetric weight, it is important to reduce size as well as weight when possible.

Consolidation is a term we use to describe the act of combining multiple packages into a single expert package. When we combine all items into one consolidated shipment, we are able to eliminate excess packing material and often reduce the overall gross dimensional size, we can effectively reduce the shipping costs incurred by our members.

Enjoy parcels full of great deals delivered straight to your doorstep